Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baking Class Today

We made it to the kitchen today, all decked out in our chef uniforms not really knowing how things were going to work, but work they did. Most of the class was in teams of two, but there were three in my group. Today we put together a rhubarb cobbler and made chocolate cakes that we will be turning into a bread pudding next week (don't worry the cakes we made we froze, so they will be fresh). It is amazing how when you are working with others how quickly your find your rythum. I enjoyed class today. It was easy to take skills I use in my kitchen on a daily basis and put them to use in a professional kitchen. I am excited about learning new cooking and baking skills. I love learning about the different flours and what they are best used for and all the different methods of mixing and what happens with each. I know that the bake goods I produce in my own kitchen will be much better now and I always receive compliments on the things that I make now. I am glad that I have chosen to go to school, this has been a great decision.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Culinary Journey

I have always loved to cook, change recipes around and entertain. I have always wanted to do alot more than I have, but the budget was a factor in keeping that from happening, so I have done what I could and have enjoyed every meal and dessert that I have made and share with family and friends.

For many years our family has been vacationing in New York (mostly because we have family and friends there and there is a lot to do). We love the variety of foods and then we would come home to what is offered here and be a little disappointed.

So, several years ago my youngest daughter and I decided that we wanted to own our own Deli, we particular type of foods, so we began working on the business plan, the menu, the name and more. Then the economy changed and we realized that is was not the right timing and we began thinking about what we could do to better prepare ourselves for our future and we decided to go to school and receive some formal training in preparing foods and for practical business skills, so here we are in the second semester of school, loving it, realizing all the work involved with school and the work that will be involved in opening the Deli, but all said and done it is still the desire of our heart.

A while back the movie came out Julie and Julia and I thought what an awesome idea that Julie had to blog her way through Julia's cookbook, well I didn't want to do what she had done, but since I love to journal I thought this would be a great way for me to put into words the journey that I am upon.

First semester was foundational classes and pre-reqs, no cooking, but I learned a lot and am thankful for the knowledge. This semester however is going to be a lot of fun as well as a lot of work. I have Intro to Food Prep and Theory (learning my knife skills, some great sauces, and some great recipes). I also have Intro to Baking (breads, pastries and all that delicious stuff). So watch out kitchen here I come. This week in baking we will be making fruit cobblers, yum. The hard part of this class is all the sampling that get to do (LOL). In Food Prep we will begin practicing our knife skills. I bought my first set of professional knives and I love them and I will probably never own anything else, not even at home. One of the nice things about taking these classes is that we are learning tricks of the trade so to speak (one of which is how to make the best fried chicken).

I am have to get use to not wearing my jewelry, nails and wearing a Chef's uniform to school, but it is a small price to pay for your future. I am also having to take classes that were hard for me in High School, but I just find that they cause me to grow and adjust. Actually I am better at these classes now that I am older, imagine that.