Saturday, January 8, 2011

Who Am I

I am God's Child
I am a wife
I am a mother
I am a birthmother
I am a grandmother
I am a daughter
I am a daughter in-law
I am a friend
I am a student
I am a listener (confidant)
I am a writer
I am a survivor (of breast cancer, abuse and other things)
I am a hard worker
I am honest (with myself and others)
I am there for my friends
I am serious
I am spontaneous
I am a homeowner
I am confident
I am always up to a challenge
I am straight forward
I am young at heart
I am imaginative
I am a great cook
I am optimistic
I am always looking at the glass half full
I am writing a book
I am a lover of music
I am a lover of life
I am who I am

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