Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Journey Continues

I have had a break from school for about two weeks now and one week I spent in bed sick. I have gotten my office and desk organized for next semester which starts in two weeks. Like every semester I was ready for the last one to end but now I am ready for the next one to begin. This will be a very different semester than the last, a more relaxed one for sure. I have two baking classes and a chocolate class and I am looking forward to those. My other classes are harder but necessary.

As with anything in life things are subject to change and both Shay and I are ready to live somewhere warmer and in a place that offers more things to do, so our business may get opened up in another state before everything is said and done. The one thing that will keep in Missouri is my parents and my mom in-law because they will need us for a while longer, but alas that is also part of the journey.

This semester I will be doing work study so I believe that it will bring with it new opportunities and I am sure I will learn things that I am not even expecting. I am just thankful to have a journey to continue.

In the next week I will be buying additional school supplies and getting my notebook ready. Even with all of the challenges that I have faced this semester I have gained knowledge that I would not of had and I know that it will profit me as I continue.

This is all I have today, so until the next time.

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